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I N T E G R A T E D   C I R C U I T   L A Y O U T

Integrated Circuit (IC) Layout is a finished or half finished product that contains various elements, at least one of which is active, which are partly or entirely interconnected and integratedly formed in a semiconductor to produce electronic functions. In Indonesia, IC Layout has been regulated by several Acts i.e.:

  • Act No. 32 Year of 2000 regarding Integrated Circuit Layout;
  • Act No. 7 Year of 1994 regarding Endorsement of Agreement Establishing The World Trade Organization;

IC Layout is administered by Directorate of Copyright, Industrial Design, IC Layout and Trade Secret - Directorate General of Intellectual Property - Department of Laws and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia.

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Our office handles IC Layout matters such as:
  1. Preparing and prosecuting IC Layout application;
  2. Matters related to recording of change of name/address of IC Layout, assignment, license agreement, etc.
Document required for filing an IC Layout in Indonesia
  1. Power of Attorney for IC Layout to be simply signed by applicant;
  2. Declaration to be simply signed by applicant;
  3. Assignment of convention rights for design if the applicant is not inventor;
  4. Name and address of applicant;
  5. Name and address of inventor;
  6. State of Incorporation or Nationality of applicant;
  7. Nationality of inventor;
  8. Drawings of IC Layout.
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