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Patent is an exclusive right that is given by the government to inventors for their inventions in technology field for limited period. In Indonesia, patent has been regulated by several Acts and other Decrees i.e.:

  • Act No. 14 Year of 2001 regarding Patent;
  • Act No. 7 Year of 1994 regarding Endorsement of Agreement Establishing The WTO;
  • President Decree No. 16 Year of 1997 regarding Endorsement of The PCT and Regulations under The PCT;
  • President Decree No. 15 Year of 1997 regarding Endorsement of Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property;

Patent is administered by Directorate of Patent - Directorate General of Intellectual Property - Department of Laws and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia.

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Our office handles patent matters such as:
  1. Preparing and prosecuting patent application, simple patent application, patent application through PCT;
  2. Matters related to the administrative procedure of patent, appeal of patent, change of kind of patent application;
  3. Recording of change of name/address of patent application, change of name/address of patent;
  4. Patent searching in Indonesia and other countries, amendment of patent applicant, simple patent and patent annuities;
  5. ssignment, license agreement, obligatory license agreement, etc.
Documents required for filing a patent or a simple patent application in Indonesia:
  1. Power of Attorney for patent to be simply signed by applicant;
  2. Assignment of convention rights for patent if applicant is not inventor;
  3. Name and address of applicant;
  4. Name and address of inventor;
  5. State of Incorporation or Nationality of applicant;
  6. Nationality of inventor;
  7. Specification in English comprising:
    1. Description;
    2. Claims;
    3. Drawings;
    4. Abstract of the invention;
  8. Document of Priority claim (if any);
  9. Serial number of any Priority application and the symbol of the International Patent Classification/IPC allocated to it (if any);
  10. Document of Patent Cooperation Treaty - PCT (if any).
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